Rayhaneh Jabbari is fighting to save her life. She was condemned to hang for killing her rapist, in a self defense reaction. Unfortunately, her rapist was not only a male (who in Iran have more rights then women), but also a member of the Iraninian Intelligence services. His names was Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi.

Rayhaneh, an interior designer, was speaking on the phone about her work in a coffee shop, a conversation which was coincidentally overheard by Morteza. He decided to approached her for professional advice about renovating his office. They then set a date to meet at his office in order to see and discuss Morteza’s renovation project. On the day of the meeting, Morteza picked up Rayhaneh in his car. On the way to his office, Morteza stopped at a pharmacy, purchased an item (while Rayhaneh waited in the car), got into the car again and drove to his office. After arriving at their destination, Rayhaneh realized that the place did not look like a work place at all as it was a rundown house. Inside the house, Rayhaneh saw two drinks on the table, Morteza went inside and quickly locked the door from inside, put his arms around Rayhaneh’s waist and told her that “she had no way of escaping”. A struggle soon ensued. Rayhaneh trying to defend herself stabbed Morteza in the shoulder and escaped. Morteza died from bleeding.

Now Rayhaneh Jabbari, who has only a 26 six year old, risks an imminent execution. Activists are struggling to save her life and to denounce the injustice for Iran’s regime sentence.

Please, fight with them and sign petition to free Rayhaneh Jabbari immediately: http://bit.ly/1mTgjsH




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