Two bad news arrived from Iran. First: in an interview for TV channel, Iran Nuclear Chief and former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, said that Iran has the capability to enrich uranium to 50%, with no problems. He also added that Teheran has enough enriched uranium for 2-3 years. If real, this is another confirmation of the fragility of Genève Agreement. For the moment, as also the former IAEA member Olli Heinonen underlined, Iran has respected the timing for the conversion of all the 20% Uf6 to uranium oxide. Quoting Heinonen, with JPA, “Iran agreed in the JPA to dilute half of its 20 % enriched UF6 stocks to uranium oxide with enrichments below 5 %, and to convert the other half to 20 % enriched uranium oxides during a six month period. On 20 January 2014 the inventory of 20 % enriched UF6 was 206.9 kg. Since then Iran has made good progress by diluting 74.6 kg of 20 % enriched UF6 to enrichments below 5 %. However, Iran has not been able to complete the commissioning of the Enriched UO2 Production Plant (EUPP), which is required to turn 5 % UF6 to oxides“.


The second bad news, is indirectly connected with Iran nuclear program. The regime Pretorian forces Pasdaran, have announced the deployment of the Qader missile. The press agency Fars News, close to the Revolutionary Guards, published an article announcing that IRGC has equipped speedy boats with this anti-warship missile. Tehran has tested this missile for the first time in 2011 and, with its 200 km range, it represent a direct threat to all the Gulf area. Another confirmation of the non-peaceful intention of the Ayatollah’s regime.



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