International Workers’ Day in Iran: protests and arrests

Just few hours before May 1, the Hassan Rohani’s cabinet has refused to permit a march to commemorate the International Workers Day. The request, was officially presented by the State organization “Khaneh Kargar” (Workers House), created by the Ministry of Intelligence – MOIS in 1980. Despite Khaneh Kargar is a Trade Union controlled directly by the regime, the Iranian Ministry of Interior was afraid of possible unpredictable protests against the poor economic situation of the country.

Despite the prohibitions and the massive presence of the police, the Iranian workers decided to demonstrate in different cities. In the capital Tehran, dozens of workers tried to protest outside the Labor Ministry. Outside of the Ministry, government officials set up a barrier of intelligence agents and security forces in an attempt to prevent people from assembling on or near Azadi Avenue. Persons on the scene reported the presence of armored vehicles as part of the operation. In spite of all of this, numerous individuals, led by transportation workers, were committed to assembling in support of their message, approximately 1,000 of whom were able to reach Azadi Square. Several people were arrested and Ebrahim Madadi, a senior member of the Union of the Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, is among those detained.


Protests were organized also in Ahwaz Pipe Factory, in Khorramabad and in Sanandaj. In Sanandaj, the demonstration was organized by the Union of Textile factories and during the march people chanted anti – government slogans. Different bakers in the city decided to remain close and when the police arrived, they refuse to open the shops. Also here, several people were arrested. Below, pictures of the protest in Cyrus Street.

 foto a  foto c

From the information that we have, only in the holy city of Qom, the regime succeeded in avoiding anti regime protest of the local workers. Here, thanks also the support of the local Mullahs, all the factories managers and businessmen received a letter in which they were warned to control their employees, avoiding any attempt to organize something on May 1.



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