Source: Mohabat News

A group of six Farsi-speaking Christians, who had gathered to celebrate Easter, were arrested about a month ago and are currently being held in custody with their fate unknown.

The group of Christians had gathered in a house-church to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Iranian security authorities raided the house where they had gathered and arrested six of those in attendance.  Those arrested are: Ehsan Sadeghi, Nazi Irani, Maryam Assadi, Ali Arfa’e, Vahid Safi and Amin Mazloomi. Based on reports, Iranian plain-clothes authorities raided Mrs. Assadi’s house, where an Easter worship service was hosted, and arrested six of those attending the service. Authorities intimidated residents and transferred the six Christians detainees to an unknown location in a white van. They searched the house thoroughly and confiscated Christian-related notes, books and other Christian educational materials.

Christianity is rapidly growing in Iran, especially in recent years, and has become a serious concern for the Iranian government. Some extremist Iranian media, like Fars News Agency, claim that Christianity “is a threat to national security and misleads the youth”.



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