Unfortunately, Iran is not a partner for peace in Iraq



In the last days, after ISIS attacks inside Iraq, there was who started to promote a kind of general agreement between Iran and the West (first United States) on Iraq and other security issues. But, the question is: is Iran a real partner for peace? Unfortunately, the answer is only one: NO. Iran is for sure an important actor in Asia, and all the regional States and the Big Powers, must take in consideration its activities. The only problem is that Iran, after the 1979 revolution, has used its strategically location to promote terrorism and violence. So, if theoretically, Tehran could be a n actor of stability in ME, practically there are different reasons because the Islamic Republic must not be considered a trustable partner for the stabilization of Iraq:

  1. Despite the ideological and religious differences, Iran has always maintained direct contacts with al Qaeda, giving to Osama bin Laden and his men the possibility to use Iranian territory as a base, in change of no attacks inside Iran. To have a general overview of the Iran-al Qaeda relations, please read this unique report of UANI;
  2. Iran has directed, organized and armed the anti-American activities in Iraq after the end of Saddam Hussein regime. Thanks to Tehran’s money, the men of Muqtada al Sadr, for example, have killed hundreds of Western soldiers. For these actions, the Islamic Republic has never apologized or expressed regrets;
  3. Iran is the first responsible of the sectarian war between Shia and Sunni. With its support to Bashar al Assad repression and to al Maliki sectarian government, Tehran has promoted a policy of discrimination inside Islam, provoking the reaction of the Sunni world. ISIS, unfortunately, is only the last example (and the most horrible) of this dangerous war;
  4. Iran is committed to the destruction of United States and the Western culture, considerate the main enemies by Ayatollah Khomeini. Despite Rouhani and Rafsanjani activities to promote a dialogue with Washington, the Supreme Leader and the IRGC, have always repeated their intention to do not collaborate with United States and to eliminate “this cancer” from their region;
  5. The last goal of Western world and Iran on Iraq and other important issues (like Syria and Lebanon) is not the same. While United States and other democratic countries want to promoted liberal regimes, Iran first goal is to create satellite Governments, under the direct of indirect control of Pasdaran and Mullah.

Who thinks that Iran will accept a real compromise with United States on strategic and security problems, is only a naïve man. Iranians, for sure, are experts of the so called “dissimulation (Taqyya) strategy”. Because of this, maybe, in the brief term all is possible. In the long term, on the contrary, the Islamic Republic will be always committed to only one thing; exporting the Velayat-e Faqih model around the world… 



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