Tehran’s graffiti for Freedom

Few months ago, a video was published in Internet showing IRGC commander Ali Jafari admitting that Pasdaran had acted illegally to avoid Green Movement victory in 2009 election. Jafari was speaking in a close room meeting of IRGC’s officials and, with no dubts, he clearly said that the victory of the Mousavi supporters was considered a redline by the Guards. The video was leaked by Mohammad Nourizad – former journalists of Khayan – turned in one of the most important regime opposer.

Now, an incredible graffiti arrives from Iran. A writer, who called himself “Black Hand”, has written on a wall of Tehran the Youtube link of Ali Jafari’s video. The clear goal is to denounce the unlawful behavior of the Pasdaran and their constant interfering in the political life of the Islamic Republic.


This is not the first graffiti of this writer. In the occasion of the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Black Hand has drawn another graffiti, in which is possible to see a woman wearing the Iran’s national team outfit and raising a bottle of washing liquid.



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