Khamenei’s geopolitical view: blaming the West and promoting velayat-e Faqih in the Islamic world

On his Twitter account Ali Khamenei, Iran Supreme Leader,  has explained his geopolitical view of the actual Middle East crisis. As it is possible to read in the scheme below, published by Khamenei, the Iranian Ayatollah thinks that the actual crisis in Asia are all because of Western actions. He blames the enemy security and intelligence services, and denounced their goal to promote sectarian wars and freezing the Islamic Awakening (but no words on the fact that the Islamic Republic was the first State which repressed the popular demonstrations in 2009…).


What it is very interesting is the last part of the scheme, dedicated to Khamenei’s solution for the crisis: Iran SL exit strategy will need to be focused on an alliance between Shia and Sunni scholars and, above all, on what he calls the “Islam democracy”. In few words, he is promoting the exportation of the Iranian model, the Velayat-e Faqih, in all the Islamic world. A very strange “democratic” model that, in less than one year, has condemned to the death penalty more than 700 people and in which it is almost impossible to find a Sunni Mosque…

In the meantime, while Khamenei promotes good relations between Shia and Sunni, all the seven IRGC’s operational Su-25 attack planes, arrived in the Iraqi military base of Imam Ali




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