In name of Khomeini’s revolution, Iran bans all sterilization methods


“Give more children to the revolution”, this could be the new Iran regime’s slogan. In particular, this is what the Iranian Supreme Leader ordered to Iranian mothers. In a 14 points program, published in May, Khamenei invited the executive to promote policies that will increase the birthrate, will promote Islamic values and, above all, will fight against Western Culture…

The first reaction of the Iranian people was very funny. They create a special condom with the face of Khamenei, and a simple question on the top: How Can I Say No?


Apart from the jokes, unfortunately, the Iranian executive is taking important steps, in order to fulfill Khamenei’s order: as Golnaz Esfandiari wrote, the Iranian “parliament has passed a bill that would make vasectomies, tubectomies, and other surgical methods of sterilization punishable by two to five years in prison. The bill cleared parliament on June 24 by a vote of 207 in favor and 106 against, although many questions remain — including whether the doctors carrying out the procedures, or the patients receiving them, would be subject to punishment. The bill would reportedly also introduce jail sentences for those who promote sterilization as a means of birth control. Abortions are already banned in Iran, except for special cases.”

This kind of regime’s decisions, as always, do not respect the right of every single people – first the women – to decide alone how many children they want to have. This, especially considering the high level of the unemployment rate between the Iranian young population. On this side, no governmental decision was taken and Iran continues to waste the biggest part of its oil incomes, promoting terrorism all around the world, sending jihadists to Syria and Iraq or financing the controversial nuclear program…


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