Iran’s regime celebrates its soccer player Ali Karimi as a legend…but it could soon turn against Mullah’s power…

Iran famous soccer player Ali Karimi, decided in these days to end his football carrier. Thirty-five years old,  Karimi played also in Europe in teams like Perugia in Italy and Bayer Munich in Germany. This is how Fars News, the Pasdaran Press Agency, told the decision of Ali Karimi. As you can read, they call him a legend, praising his long and successful carrier.


But, Ali Karimi was not only a passive soccer player. In the last period, he took courageous political positions against the Iranian regime, especially during the crack down of the opposition movement Green Wave. Everyone, in Iran, remember when Ali Karimi, with other seven member of Iranian national team, wore green wristbands in support of anti Ahmadinejad demonstrations (match against South Korea). Less note is the story of the T-shirt that Ali Karimi donated to the family of Ashkan Shorabi, Iranian guy killed by Basij forces during 2009 protests.

So, describing Ali Karimi a legend of Iran – which is definitely true – could turn in something very dangerous for the Velayat-e Faqih orderMir, remembering to all the people that Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are still in prison…





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