The hub of terror: how Iran uses Imam Khomeini airport to smuggle weapons abroad

Source: Sueddeutsche Zeitung


An exclusive news arrives from Germany. The popular newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” published an article in which it reveals the existence of a special hangar in the Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran. This hangar is secret and is totally under the control of the IRGC. Why? Simple, because this hangar serves as a storage for Iranian weapons, including missiles, rockets and other ammunition. From this location, the special unit of Pasdaran, the Qods Forces, export the weapons to the entire region, particularly to pro-Bashar al Assad in Syria, to Hezbollah in Lebanon and to the terrorist organizations of Gaza.

From the article of Sueddeutsche  Zeitung, it is clear that the special hangar is located close to civil aircrafts. The methods in which Iran transfers the weapons abroad, vary according to consideration relating to the type of arms: to export missiles like Fajar-5 – currently being launched by Hamas against Israeli territory – Iran uses proxy allies like Sudan (in this case the strategic location is the port of Khartoum). Other types of ammunition, are transferred via the use of civil flights company, like Iran Air and Mahan Air.

According to the report, last May a strange explosion hit the Imam Khomeini airport. In the explosion, two IRGC guards were wounded. Sources of intelligence, said that the explosion happened during the transfer of mortar ammunition. Iran denied the fact, but it is known that the explosion caused (significant) damage to the building, which served as the special hangar. It is important to underline that, the Iranian use of a civil airport and civil flights to smuggle weapons, not only violates  UN Security Council resolutions, but also the accords of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) agreement, of which Iran is a signatory.

Propaganda video about Iran airport Imam Khomeini







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