Iran – human rights: activist Bahareh Hedayat forced to return in prison the day after her kidney stone surgery !

Source: Free Iran


Bahareh Hedayat is a brave woman, a student and a human rights activists. Above all, today, she is a political prisoner in Iran, arrested in December 2009 for her political battles in name of religion equality in the Islamic Republic. After spending months in solitary confinement, in April 2010 Mrs. Hedayat was condemned to 9.5 years in prison on charges of “gathering and collusion against the regime,” “insulting the leadership,” and “insulting the presidency and propagating against the regime.”

In these last weeks, after a long battle, Amin Ahmadian, Bahareh Hedayat’s hustand, obtained for her a special medical furlough. Bahareh was seek and she needed to pass immediately a kidney stone surgery. Despite the special permission, the day after the surgery Iran regime ordered to Bahareh Hedayat to return immediately in prison. Speaking with Kalame, Amin Ahmadian underlined that “Yesterday an extension of medical furlough for Bahareh was refused, even though for the past 3 months we have pursued a medical furlough for surgical treatment of kidney stones and we presented all the medical documents to the prosecutor’s office.”. He continued saying “we were contacted at Hasheminejad Hospital and told that she must return to prison. Bahareh was on the hospital bed and no matter how much we explained that she has just undergone a surgical treatment to remove kidney stones which has a process for aftercare, they did not relent and insisted she must go back to prison.”

Bahareh Hedayat who is known as the symbol of Iranian students, was held for a long time in the methadone ward of Evin prison among drug offenders in order to inflict additional stress and pressure. She was also denied her right to visitation for extended periods of time. In 2012 while behind bars, this student and women’s rights activist was awarded the inaugural Edelstam Prize by Sweden’s Harold Edelstam Foundation for “extraordinary courage and commitment to justice, and active against human rights violations in Iran.”

Please, sign the petition for the unconditional release of Bahareh Hedayat:




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