Another discrimination in Iran: Tehran will limit public services for illiterates

Source: Iran Front Page; BBC News


A July 26th issue of Javan Newspaper cited the head of the Literacy Movement Organization of Iran, Ali Bagherzadeh, as saying that in the not-too-distant future illiterate individuals aged between 10 and 49 will receive limited public services. Ali Bagherzadeh recalled the recent decisions of the Cabinet with regard to literacy and said the Supreme Literacy Council has set the stage for universal literacy in the country and that all illiterate individuals aged 10 to 49 can seize this opportunity to learn reading and writing skills.

Ali Bagherzadeh went on to say that illiterate individuals usually have low self-confidence and have to deal with numerous problems in their daily lives. He further said those in the 10-49 age group who fail to take advantage of this opportunity by early 2016 will be classified as illiterate and will face difficulty, among other things, securing permits for economic activities and getting cash subsidies. On January 2014, BBC reported that at leas 11 million people in Iran are unable to read or write.


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