Iran Parliament turns against Rouhani: impeachment for Minister of Science and Technology


With 145 votes in favor, the Iranian Parliament (Majles) approved the impeachment of the reformist Minister of Science and Technology Faraji-Dana. The official reason for his impeachment was connected to the “national security”, meaning that the Minister was accused to have politicized  too much the universities environment. The reality, another time, is different: Faraji-Dana impeachment is directly connected to the 2009 repression of the Green Wave movement. During his mandate, in fact, Minister Faraji-Dana approved the return of more than 140 students – anti-Ahmadinejad activists – inside the faculties from where they were banned five years ago. The impeachment of Faraji-Dana represent a big defeat for President Rouhani.

More: the President himself must be worried for his university past. In a letter that was diffused in the Majles, different Iranian MPs questioned the validity of Rouhani’s PhD. They claim that the President has started to prefixing his name with the title of PhD since 1980, when he was a simple member of the Majles. Above all, they say that this happened many years before 1999, the official date in which Rouhani has received his PhD from the Glasgow Caledonian University. In order to demonstrate the validity of Rouhani’s PhD, also the University in Glasgow has shown the video in which is possible to see the actual Iranian President going through the graduation ceremony.

Despite this, the clash remains and could soon also involve the actual Minister of Labor Ali Rabiei: Fars News, Iran press agency close to IRGC, has published a special report on him, in which it claim that the university degree of the Minister is a fake.



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