Basij affiliate Twitter account reveals harsh meeting between Khamenei and Rouhani

Source: @Basijbrothers

The Twitter account @Basijbrother, affiliate with Iran paramilitary group Basij, reveals the content of a meeting between Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani. Referring probably to the Parliamentary dismissing of Minister of Science and Technology Faraji-Dana, a close man of Rouhani, it seems that Khamenei has said to the Rouhani that the criticism (against the political adversaries) must be logical and moderate. He also invited the President to continue his service for the public.

This meeting, as said before, it is probably connected to the reaction of President Rouhani to the impeachment of his Minister of Technology Faraji-Dana. After the impeachment, in fact, Rouhani has nominated Faraji-Dana as his personal adviser on Science and Education. More, Rouhani nominated Mohammad Ali Najafi, as acting Minister of Science and Education. One year ago, Najafi was rejected by the Parliament as Minister of Education. Expert saw the nomination of Najafi as an apparent confrontation with Khamenei’s faction.



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