Is Iran ready to replace Hamas with the PFLP?

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The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is a Palestinian organization which always supporter Marxist-Leninist secular ideology. PFLP is recognized by USA, Canada and EU as a terrorist organization and its armed wing it’s called Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades. Every year, since the killing  of Abu Ali Mustafa in August 2001, PFLP commemorates his death with events in Gaza, in the West Bank and around the world, where PFLP obtains support between radical leftists activists. The classical symbols of these celebrations were, until today, always two:  the Palestinian flag and the red-white PFLP flag. This year something changed: in the last commemoration of Abu Ali Mustafa’ death, in fact, PFLP members showed three new flags: the Syrian Assad regime flag, the Hezbollah flag and the Iranian flag.

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This step must not be underestimated for four reasons: 1) after the beginning of the Syrian civil war, Hamas took a different position from Iran and Hezbollah. Supporting anti-Assad rebellion, Hamas has angered the so called “resistance axis“, and this treason was not forgotten by Tehran, Damascus and Nasrallah; 2) in 2013, the website al Monitor, reported the Iran has decided to increase financial support to PFLP, an action that was not positively welcome by Hamas leaders; 3) during the last crisis between Israel and Gaza, Iran announced the intention to play an active role in the Palestinian game, giving more support to Palestinian armed organizations; 4) PFLP always opposes the peace negotiation with Israel and never recognized the Oslo agreement. Iran could use PFLP to hit Abu Mazen leadership.

In few words, the last celebrations of Abu Ali Mustafa’s death, could mean the official entering of PFLP inside the “pro-Iranian family” and the starting of a new, dangerous, competition between the Palestinian terrorist organizations. In this competition for Pasdaran’s money and weapons, this time, Hamas risks to play a secondary role…

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