Is there an internal political war for the control of the Quds Force? Maybe yes…

Iran Foreign Minister Zarif is a liar and, on this, no one could have doubt. His claim to deny the presence of Qassem Soleimani, head of Quds Force, in Iraq was completely contradicted by a picture and a video of the Iranian military commander in Amerli. In the video, in particular, it is possible to see Soleimani dancing after the victory against Isis forces. Below the exclusive video, posted on Internet yesterday in the afternoon.


Despite the video and its meaning, the situation inside the Quds Force, the special unit of Pasdaran, it is unclear. Last week, for example, an article published by Saudi newspaper Asharq al Awsat, has revealed that the command of the Quds Force in Iraq has passed from the responsibility of Soleimani to the responsibility of Hossein Hamadani. The big failure of Soleimani was the end of al Maliki executive in Iraq, considered by Teheran as a redline. The replacing of al-Maliki was something that Khamenei was forced to accept in view of the Isis’ threat to Iranian border, but it’s still considered a failure inside the Islamic Republic. It is important to remember that, thanks to al-Maliki silent support, Tehran has sent via Iraq thousands of Shia jihadists in Syria and has saved the regime of Bashar al Assad.


Iran denied the rumors about Soleimani and Hamadani. But now, a new information connected to this possible internal war inside the Quds Force arrived from Tehran. Several reports from Iran informed that, this year, the responsibility to refer about the Iraqi situation in front of the Assembly of Experts, has passed to Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, head of Iran Supreme National Security Council. Last year, on the contrary, Qassem Soleimani was the key official to give to Khamenei and the other Mullahs the special briefing.

In conclusion: it is difficult to decipher the actual internal political situation inside the Quds Force. The secrecy, in fact, is the key point of this special unit. In any case, the rumors on Hamadani and the information about Shamkhani, are two clear messages that something important it’s happening. In this contest, the exclusive video of Qassem Soleimani dancing in Amerli, something very rare to see, could be the first reaction of the pro-Soleimani faction to whom is trying to replace the famous Pasdaran commander.



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