Khamenei’ media (prostate) diplomacy: political meanings and errors

First: now we know that Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is not a God. He is like the other men of his age and, very classically, he had a problem with his prostate. But, different from the other men of the world, the prostate of Khamenei has become a special human organ, surrounded by an unique media attention and – above all – by interesting political meanings. So, it’s very important to analyze how Khamenei’ staff decided to exploit the occasion of the surgery, to start what it’s possible to call the “media (prostate) diplomacy“.

During his hospitalization Khamenei received the visit of all Iranian establishment. Not only this, he also received the affection of a lot of “beautiful guys”, who expressed their love for the SL with a tender kiss. Below, a collection of kisses from the first page of the moderate newspaper “Ebkar”. Very interesting, in the same page, the newspaper underlined that 69% of the Iranian youth use filter beakers to navigate in Internet…Between the pictures it’s possible to recognize the Iranian President Rouhani, the former and powerful president Ayatollah Rafsanjani and the Speaker of the Iranian parliament Ali Larijani.


What “Ebkar” decided to hide, it’s another kiss that Khamenei received from a special visitor: Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ex President of Iran was one of the first officials to kiss the leader and, above all, he paid his visit to Leader together with the head of IRGC, Ali Jafari.


But, on the other side, also when Khamenei’s official YouTube account uploaded the video of the visits’ summary, something strange happened: the visit of President Rouhani has magically disappeared. It is impossible to know the reason of this cut but, for sure, it was a very curious decision.


Closing with the visits, it is important to mention two other things: first, the phone call that Khamenei received from Hezbollah Secretary Hassan Nasrallah (there is also who wrote that Nasrallah arrived in Tehran yesterday). Second, probably today more important, Khamenei received the visit of Ammar al-Hakim, powerful leader of Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq, the Shia Islamic Iraqi party. Al-Hakim, just to know, went to live in Iran in 1979 and studied in Qom…


Speaking about another political sign that Khamenei decided to launch during this recovery, it is relevant to note this picture: the Supreme Leader relaxes by reading a newspaper. Very interesting, Khamenei decided to show himself while reading Kahyan, probably the most conservative newspaper in Iran and, above all, considered by all the world as the voice of the Rahbar…


Finally the big error: the security staff of Khamenei failed in hiding the name of the hospital in which the Supreme Leader was operated. The Iranian website, published different pictures on Khamenei recovery. Between the pictures, there was also the logo of the hospital: the Shaheed Rajaei Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center, which is located in Valiasr Ave Niayash Intesection in Tehran. In the website of the hospital, it’s also possible to find the map on how to arrive…




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