IRGC & Basij showed special cake for their gathering: “Israel must be wiped from pages of time”. Kayhan denies Holocaust another time

Sources: @EskandarSadeghi, MEMRI

Below the special cake showed by IRGC and Basij during a gathering in Iran. On the cake it’s written: “Israel must be wiped from pages of time“. The written was putted on the bases of a reconstruction of the al Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem, which President Rouhani has promised to free from “Zionist” occupation.


In the meantime, the American Think Tank MEMRI informed that, on August 3, the conservative newspaper Kayhan has published another article, denying the truth of the Holocaust. The article says: “The root of the word ‘holocaust’ is Greek. Today, [the word] is used to mark a slaughter by means of mass burning of people by fire. Some linguists maintain that the term is taken from the crime that the Jews committed…In the early part of the eighth decade of the 19th century [sic], some members of the International Jewish Agency, which included [the historian] Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Serge Weils [sic], and [the historian] Francois Bedarida, and was led by Rene-Samuel Sprat [apparently a reference to Rene-Samuel Sirat], the famous rabbi of France, relied on the false story of the slaughter of six million Jews in World War II. So that the injustice caused to this [religious] group would not be forgotten, they prepared a bill and brought it to ratification in France in July 1990…To date, dozens of prominent European historians and hundreds of famous lecturers and well-known experts in the research of historical documents have presented documents on whose authenticity no intelligent person can cast even the slightest doubt. They have proven by an absolutely scientific method that the affair of the slaughter of six million Jews, the crematoria, the gas chambers, and everything that the Zionists claim in this matter is a complete lie and a fabricated story…“.




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