Khamenei’s adviser in IRGC: “Shia victory in Yemen it’s the “door” to conquer Saudi Arabia”

Despite the good intention of Zarif in New York, it seems that the Iranian hardliners want to follow a less diplomatic approach toward Saudi Arabia. The Supreme Leader adviser in IRGC, Mojataba Zolnour, said (in front of a clergy assembly) that Houthis’s victory in Yemen, represents the door to conquer Saudi Arabia. The Houthis are a Yemeni Shia minority, supported in their rebellion against Sanaa by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their recently victory against the Sunni central government – backed by Saudi Arabia – was seen by Tehran as a big victory of the Velayat-e Faqih against Wahhabi ideology.

Recently, speaking about Yemen, Iran MP Alireza Zakani said: “A phenomenon more colossal than Lebanon is unfolding: Out of Yemen’s 20 provinces, 14 have fallen into the hands of revolutionaries and 90% of Sanaa has also fallen… With this, they have changed all the equations. After the victory in Yemen, surely it is Saudi Arabia’s turn since these two countries share a 2000 kilometer border. Besides, today, two million organized armed men are in Yemen… Today, the Islamic Revolution has taken over three Arabic capitals and in a while it will occupy Sanaa as well and the system to unify Muslims will become operational.”



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