Egyptian President al Sisi message to Iran: “Yemenite sons will not accept changes in their cultural identity”


Egyptian President al Sisi granted a long interview to the Saudi newspaper Okaz. The core of the interview is the underscore of the strong ties between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. But, in his long discussion, President al Sisi spoke also about Yemen and Syria. In both cases, the message that he sends to the Islamic Republic of Iran is very strong and clear. Speaking about Yemen, al Sisi admitted that there were different errors, but he also said the sons of Yemeni people will not accept changes in their cultural identity. In other words, Cairo and Riyadh agreed on the idea that Yemen could not turn in another Islamic Republic, based on the Shia ideology of Ayatollah Khomeini. Speaking about the threat posed by the Houthi fighters on the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, al Sisi underlined that nor Egypt, nor Saudi Arabia and nor the countries which love peace, will accept risks on the international navigation. Asked directly about the Iranian involvement in the Yemenite crisis al Sisi, from one side, said that Iran it’s not interested in inflaming the region but, immediately after, he added that “all the parts must work to do not pour oil on the fire, leaving the countries and the people of the region the right to decide alone their destiny“. The Egyptian President repeated the concept few lines ahead, speaking directly about Bashar al Assad. Sisi underlines that Syria will survive as a strong State, but on who will lead Damascus, the last word must be only in the hands of the Syrian people (“according to the will of the people and the requirements of the stability, not only in Syria but in all region”). If people want to change – said al Sisi – it will be better to achieve this with a balanced political solution, which will bring to an agreement between the system (meaning the regime) and the opposition. This is clearly  another clear message to Tehran: if you want to be part of the political solution in Syria, Assad must go home…

Below one of the last tweets published by Pasdaran in Twitter. In Arabic it is written a clear threat against Saudi Arabia: “In revenge of Imam Hussein”…



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