So, who attacked Iranian women with acid? Tehran ex Minister of Intelligence has the answer: “it was the MI6”


So…Who attacked Iranian women with Acid? As we know, at the beginning, the regime arrested 4 people, but few days after they were released. In these hours the security accused a man, Dr. Jalali, member of the Standard board of Iran. His picture was published on Mehr News, but was removed few hours later. But, don’t be scared, there is who knows the answer: his name is Heydar Moslehi and he is the former Iranian Minister of Intelligence. So…who attacked the Iranian women in Esfahan? For Moslehi the answer it’s only one: the MI6, the famous UK secret service…But, now that we know the responsible, the second question is: Why? Also in this case, Moslehi has the answer: “UK wants to organize a conspiracy inside Iran to favorite the Evil“…Real intelligence…

Acid Attacks: The suspects



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