Is Iran promoting terrorism in Jerusalem as a pressure on US?

In the last days, three terrorists attacks hit Jerusalem. In the Holy City, twice one Palestinian terrorist has attacked pedestrian with a car. In the first attack, on October 23, the terrorist killed a baby girl. Another attack was orchestrated against Rabbi Glick: the attacker was Mutaz Hijazi, a member of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad. Islamic Jihad is considered by the Israeli police as the main responsible of the violence escalation in Jerusalem, in the last two week. There is who is starting to speak about a coordinate strategy, prepared by Islamic Jihad following orders of Islamic Republic of Iran. The indirect confirmation arrives from the news of the meeting between the head of Islamic Jihad Abdullah Shallah and the Iranian Supreme Guide Ayatollah Khamenei. Visiting Tehran on October 18, Shallah praised Iran for the support during the last crisis in Gaza. In that occasion, Ayatollah Khamenei asked him to foment the rebellion also in the West Bank, saying that “Fighting the Zionist regime is a war of destiny”. Khamenei said also that “The enemy should feel the same worries in the West Bank as it does in Gaza” , adding that Tehran will continue its support for the Palestinian resistance. So, there is the possibility that Iran is using, another time, the Israeli Palestinian conflict to bring ahead its regional strategy. In this contest, it is important to remember that the anti – Isis coalition and the deadline of November 24 for the nuclear agreement, are worrying Tehran. Khamenei, probably wants to force United States to accept his three conditions: 1- accepting a bad deal on nuclear (meaning leaving in the hand of Tehran all the nuclear know-how and the missile arsenal); 2- ending sanctions; 3. do not touch Bashar al Assad power in Syria.



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