Iranian NGO challenges Khamenei’s anti-Holocaust narrative

Source: Taavana

The NGO Taavana – created by Iranian activists abroad and committed to the empowerment of the Iranian population through education – has decided to challenge the Islamic Republic’s anti-Holocaust narrative. In particular, the one of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who, many times, has expressed Holocaust denial positions also on his official Twitter profile. On November 7, via its YouTube channel, Taavana has broadcasted a documentary about the Holocaust with Farsi subtitles. The title of the documentary is “The Path to Nazi Genocide”, produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and supported by United Nations Outreach Program. In the past the documentary was translated in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. With the translation in Farsi, Taavana breaks an important cultural wall in the Iranian regime narrative, hoping to end the “cultural pincer” which surrounds Iran since 1979… 


Example of Holocaust denial tweet of Ali Khamenei (March 21, 2014)




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