Iran and ILO plan to expand cooperation! We need to stop it now! Support the campaign “Iran Out of ILO”!


Tehran Times reports that Iran and ILO – the International Labor Organization – are ready to expand cooperation. The Iranian website says that the decision was taken after a meeting between Iranian Deputy Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Minister Mohammad Taqi Hossein and ILO Director General Guy Ryder. This decision sounds incredible: the Islamic State of Iran, in fact, does not respect many fundamental standards requested of ILO. In August 2014, a special campaign launched by “Good Morning Iran” requested officially the immediate suspension of Iran from ILO. This because, despite  the agreements signed by Iranian executive with the International Labor Organization, Tehran continues to support officially gender segregation in the workplaces, refuses to act seriously against the high rate of child labor in the country (14% of Iranian children are forced to work) and forbids practically the real creation of independent Trade Unions in the country.  

We invite all the followers to continue the campaign “Iran Out Of ILO” in order to improve the labor quality standards inside the Islamic Republic of Iran:



Twitter Hashtagh: #IranOutofILO

ILO contacts: Emails:,,

Write to ILO Director Guy Ryder: Facebook:




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