Iran: Tehran Friday Prayer Leader goes crazy in a phone call with journalist Masih Alinejad

Source: My Stealthy Freedom

Post published on My Stealthy Freedom FCB page: Ahmad Khatami, Tehran Friday Prayer Leader, reiterated that for promoting hijab blood should be shed. But he tried to attribute this say to Beheshti, the deceased jurist and one of the main architects of the Islamic Republic. Masih Alinejad, the independent journalist, during a phone call asked him what he meant by saying for promoting hijab cultural activities would not be effective anymore, and innocent blood should be shed. She continued that considering this say, a young Basji (paramilitary volunteer militia) had stabbed girls, and asked him how you would respond to such acts… He said I had said INNOCENT blood should be shed and then shouted at the journalist “you are anti-revolutionary and how the hell you dared to call me”.

Please push on the picture to watch the video



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