Tehran’s Defense Minister reveals that for Iran also Ankara, Cairo and Moscow are “potential threats”


In a tweet on his Twitter account, Iranian journalist Abas Aslani reported that Iranian Defense Minister said that Tehran has “tried to extend range of missiles proportional to potential threats against us. Now we have the needed ranges. In an interview al-Alam, Hossein Dehqan proudly announced that the Islamic Republic has the fourth missile power in the world, only after US, China and Russia. The words of Dehqan must be considered very important, because of the geopolitical and strategical indications. So, we can say that, looking the range of the Iranian missile arsenal, it is possible to understand which are the threats considered potentially dangerous by the Revolutionary Guards.

As the map below shows, the extension of the operational ballistic missiles of Iran is already around 2000 Km. This means that, under the potential threats of Iran, there are not only Israel and Saudi Arabia – considered natural enemies by Iranian regime. Under the covered range of the Iranian missiles there are also Ankara, Cairo and Moscow. From this point, it is possible to draw only one conclusion: the Islamic Republic looks to the Sunni neighbors not as partners but as enemies, and sees also its relations with Russia as competitive more than friendly.

Very interesting…



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