pro-IRGC Twitter account published a fake tweet with a strong meaning…

Source: @TehranOM

The Twitter account @TehranOM – close to IRGC’s positions – has published a fake picture of a member of Qods Force, standing close to an American soldier who is lying on the ground under arrest. In theory, they write, the photo was taken in Iraq in 2005. A rapid check online demonstrates that the tweet is a fake: in reality, the picture was taken during a special training program organized by United States for the Iraqi police. The training was organized in the Forward Operating Base McHenry and the US soldier on the ground was playing the part of an insurgent. Even if the picture is a big lie, the meaning of the tweet must not be underestimated: the Pasdaran were capable to infiltrate fighters inside Iraq during the American presence, and will not leave another time to other military forces the possibility to control the area…More important: the account @IRGCNetwork – affiliate with the Revolutionary Guards – has re-tweeted the fake tweet…



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