Iran, Basij and Rafsanjani clash over how to react to Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons

Source: @ShiaPulse

After the decision of Charlei Hebdo to publish again the controversy cartoons, the Iranian militia Basij, has called its followers to demonstrate today in front of the French Embassy in Tehran. The calling was rejected by IscaNews, a website affiliate with the former President Rafsanjani. The article invited the people to do not attend the protest and has remembered the damage caused to the national interests by the 2011’s protest against the UK Embassy in the capital: this comparison is interesting because that protest exploded after the decision of London to approve new sanctions on Iran for the nuclear program. In that occasion 1000 people, all close to Basij, gathered outside the Embassy in order to ask the withdrawal of UK representative from Iran. The protesters succeeded in forcing the doors of the embassy and started to threw away documents and papers. The attack caused the official protest of London to UN and provoked also the withdrawal of Canadian ambassador from Iran.



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