Iranian website Tabnak reveals Tehran’s condition for a new relation with Hamas: the resignation of Khaled Meshaal


Despite the new relation between Hamas and Iran, the past clashes are not completely forgotten. The Iranian website Tabnak, close to the former head of IRGC Moshen Rezaei, attacked directly Khaled Meshaal, accusing him to have supported the “terrorists” responsible of the attack against Bashar al Assad’s regime. The website remarked that, the actual decision of Hamas to re-establish the relations with Tehran, is only based on the failure of the Meshaal’s strategy. After the change of the King in Qatar, the end of Mohammad Morsi’s power in Egypt, resignation of the head of the Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan and the death of the Saudi King Abdallah – considered all big sponsors of the anti Assad movement – now Hamas is very weak and needs new financiers. Tabnak reveals that, despite the new meetings between Hamas and Iran officials, some problems remains on the ground: the biggest one is the Iranian request to Meshaal to step down from the leadership of the movement. Khaled Meshaal refused the Iranian condition and this is the main reason because, for the moment, there isn’t a clear date of his visit in the Islamic Republic. Tabnak concluded the article saying, very clear, that Hamas is not in the condition to put clauses on the new relations with Iran. On the contrary, the Palestinian Islamic Movement, must accept to the Iranian requests.



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