Breaking: Khaled Meshaal (Hamas) had a meeting in Turkey with Qassem Soleimani

Source: al-Hayat

After the last conflict in Gaza, a meeting was organized between Khaled Meshaal, political representative of Hamas abroad, and Qassem Soleimani, head of IRGC Qods Force. The meeting was organized in Turkey and the goal was to re-establish the relations between the Palestinian Islamic movement and Tehran. During the meeting, the parts have preferred to leave aside the Syrian issue, the central point which provoked the crisis between the two sides. On the other side, Khaled Meshaal accepted to visit the Islam Republic, but asked as condition to meet the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Meshaal informed Soleimani about the risk that Isis will infiltrate Gaza, saying that for them the first enemy is Iran and not Israel. Hamas representative asks to the Iranian Pasdaran also a support in terms of money (especially the last restrictions imposed by Qatar) and weapons (in order to develop new missiles). The final message of Meshaal to Soleimani was this: helping Hamas, will help Iran to improve its imagine inside the Islamic world in order to overcome the accuses of sectarianism.  



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