Assad’s opposition: IRGC tried to eliminate Rustom Ghazali, head of Syrian intelligence


The Syrian opposition revealed that the Pasdaran have tried to eliminate the head of the Syria’s intelligence, Mr. Rustom Ghazali. Iran accuses Ghazali to be against the Tehran’s plan for Syria. Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Qods Force, many times has complained on the behavior of Ghazali, in particular he denounced that he was not cooperative. More: Ghazali has formed his personal militia, in the area of Daraa, which works independently from Iranian will. To his close advisers, Ghazali denounced that he received a lot of pressures to collaborate more with Tehran or to leave Syria with his family. He refused to leave the country only in order to protect in clan (located in the province of Daraa).



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