Iran, one protester killed during anti-regime demonstration in Ahwaz [Video].

Source: Hrana, Facebook

Few days ago, a 34-year-old habitant of Khorramshahr identified as Younes Asakereh committed self-immolation in protest to seizure of his grocery kiosk, in front of municipality.According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a 34-year-old habitant of Khorramshahr with the name of Younes, whose grocery kiosk was seized by municipal officers, committed self-immolation in front of municipality on Saturday, in protest to this seizure.

After the death of Mr. Asakereh, anti-regime protests exploded during the soccer match between Foulad of Khuzestan and Al-Halal of Saudi Arabia. During the match, the spectators expressed their rage shouting anti-regime slogans and exposing signs on which it was written “We are all Younes”. Clashes exploded between the security guards and the demonstrators. Unfortunately, one protester was killed by the police. Below the video of the last moments of his life.

Push on the imagine to watch the video



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