Ex IRGC Commander Saeed Ghasemi: “I hope Rouhani will return to Khomeini’s pact”

Source: Digarban

Saeed Ghasemi – former Basij Commander and veteran of Iran-Iraq war – accused Rouhani’s Government of “diversion” and hopes that it will soon return to the right pact of Khomeini and Hezbollah. Ghasemi denounced that, in the last two years, there were people who tried to repeat the “events of 88” (meaning the return of the Green Wave protest, described by the regime with the word “sedition”). Saeed Ghasemi is also a member of the central committee of Gharargah Ammar, group created in 2011 in order to fight the “soft war” against Iran, meaning the spreading of the Western values inside the Islamic Republic.



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