Syria: While Putin starts the withdrawal from Damascus, Iran sends 1500 more Pasdaran


Many sources have started to spread the rumor about the Russian withdrawal from Syria. The London-based Arabic daily A-Sharq al-Awsat, reported that Moscow has started to recall its officials from Damascus. Around 100 of them have already left Syria. On the other side, it seems that around 1500 new Pasdaran were sent from Tehran to Syria and deployed in the area of Slinfah, West from Latakia. In particular, the new IRGC fighters were deployed close to the Jabal Al Akrad (also known as the Kurds’ mountain), where they could soon launch an offensive attack.


If the information will be confirmed, it represent a clear indication that Assad’s regime has accepted the partition of Syria and has started to focus on  the establishment a “big Alawite State”. In this sense, the regime could soon use the Shia militias – Pasdaran + Hezbollah + Afghan mercenaries – in order to retake control of Jisr Ash-Shugur (where the SAA was forced to escape) and the highway Latakia – Saraqib (so called M4). Clearly, the main target of the regime remains the Damascus – Aleppo highway (known as M5). Here, probably, the regime will focus its attention on Ma’arat al Nu’man and Saraqib, today under rebel’s control, continuing the strategy of air attacks against Aleppo.



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