Photoshopping Zarif in Qom…


Few weeks ago, Iran Foreign Minister Zarif updated the Parliament on nuclear talks. There, as a video secretly filmed shows, Zarif was attacked by some hardliners MPs, who called him a “traitor”. Despite the attempt by other Iranian officials to restore peace, the hardliners continued to work actively against the Foreign Minister. In these days, a photo of Zarif was spread everywhere, in order to demonstrate that Zarif “betrayed” the country during the Iraq-Iran War.

In the photo – please see below – it is possible to see a young Javad Zarif, studying in United States.  The hardliners message was very clear: “while the Iranian people died during the war, Zarif was abroad, making good life”. Unfortunately for the hardliners, the attempt to attack the Iranian Foreign Minister failed: the supporters of Zarif demonstrated immediately that the photo was a fake and was changed, using Photoshop.

In any case, despite the fake, the content of the attack against Zarif remains. Zarif did not fought the  Iraq – Iran, know in Tehran as the “Sacred Defense”. In that time, he was in the United States, studying in San Francisco State University and after in the University of Denver (where he discussed his thesis in 1988). During that time, because of his fluent English, he became a member of Iran UN Delegation (1982), starting there his diplomatic carrier.



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