Despite the big announcements, the stadiums remain still banned to Iranian women

Source:, Digarban, Lenziran

For the moment it is not clear, when the Iranian Government will start the ban’s lifting to the women’s entrance in the stadiums. Despite the announcements, in fact,  inside Iran the opposition to the new decision is strong. In these hours – after taking part to the funeral for the 270 divers of the Iran-Iraq War (Video) – Hezbollah Iran started a protest in front of the Ministry of Sport, against the presence of women inside stadiums. Hezbollah Iran is the group responsible of the acid attacks against Iranian women. A letter of complain with the same content, was sent by a group of cleric directly to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Probably for this opposition, for the moment the Government failed in applying the lifting: on the contrary, the Minister of Interior Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced that, in the occasion of the two volleyball matches between Iran and United States (between June 18 and 21), the Azadi Stadium of Tehran will remain close to the women.





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