#Draw4Atena: Cartoonists against the condemnation of Iranian activist Atena Farghadani

Source: Freedom Page, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Atena Farghdani, 28, is an artist and a human rights activist. She was arrested in January 2015, for a cartoon in which she depicted the Iranian MPs casting votes on the proposed legislation as animals. She was condemned 12.5 years in jail (her the draw). Worse, after Atena’s arrested, also her lawyer Mohammad Moghimi was imprisoned for “shaking hands with his female client”. He was charged with “non-adultery illegitimate relations” and released on bail (June 17).

After the arrest of Atena, the activists launched in Twitter the hasthag #Draw4Atena. Many cartoonists have decided to support the campaign, calling for the immediate release of Atena Farghdani. Below some cartoons created for the campaign.









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