Damascus: Iran works to change demography of the Syrian capital


Sources: Now.mmedia.me, Al Quds Al Araby, Al Jazeera

Hundreds of residents of Damascus’ Mezze quarter are facing eviction as Iran prepares a new construction project near its embassy in the Syrian capital, according to a report of Al Quds Al Arabi. “They were given a deadline of two months to hand over their houses to the security forces so that they could be demolished and a new plan for an ‘Iranian towers’ project could be implemented behind the Iranian embassy, changing the area’s features and [demography]”, the article said.

Mr. Abaada, a local resident, denounced: “All the residents in the area around Mezze’s Basatin […], close to the Al-Habis junction, behind the Al-Razi Hospital next to the Iranian embassy and up to the Southern Roundabout received a notice of eviction and forced displacementThe Shiite fighters, or even the civilian relatives of these Iranian elements, offer to buy the houses or land of Damascenes near the Iranian embassy, as well as outside the area [designated for] the tower project…If Mezze residents refuse to sell then the woes of humiliation—which sometimes escalate in to battery and killing—will be waiting for them…A young man who lived behind the Al-Razi Hospital was killed by a Shiite fighter“.

Few days ago, the Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported that, the Syrian government had razed a neighborhood near the Mezze military airbase as part of a defensive measure. After the Government’s decision, more than 500 houses were demolished.



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