Quds Day in Iran: and the “Oscar for hatred” goes to…

Source: Fars News, Mehr News, Irna

On July 10, the Iran organized the annual “Quds Day”, the “Day for Jerusalem”, created in theory to express the hate against Israel, but used in general to underline the regime’s scorn of the Western world. Below a short collection of the best statements and pictures of the last Quds Day, published by Iranian media. This year, the participants expressed their hate, burning not only the flags of Israel, United States and UK, but also the flags of Saudi Arabia and Turkey (and the pictures of King Salman and President Erdogan).

Best hatred statements

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: “Iranian Nation to Shout Hatred for Zionists” (Fars News)

Iran General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Hassan Firouzabadi: “Understanding the strategic importance of the International Quds Day and feeling responsibility for Iraq, Syria and Yemen’s innocence (in the Saudi and Western-backed wars), the Iranian nation will remain in the frontline of support for the Islamic resistance and freedom of Quds” (Fars News)

Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, former head of Pasdaran: “Armed Struggle Only Strategy to Free Holy Quds” (pk.Shafaqna)

Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami: “The arrogant powers are have a black record in supporting the (Israeli) regime, but the free and independent countries, including Iran have not recognized and will not recognize that regime.” (Fars News)

Best hatred pictures








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