Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan condemns Iran deal. Hamas delegation arrived urgently in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan – ex Ambassador in United States and former head of Riyadh’s General Intelligence – condemned the nuclear deal with Iran. In a letter, exposed by Arabi21, Bandar Bin Sultan accused US administration to have made the same errors that I has done during the negotiation process with North Korea. For Bandar Bin Sultan, after this deal, “chaos will prevail in Middle East and Iran will play the key role in promoting the instability”.

Arabi21 reports also that, after the announcement of the deal with Iran, a delegation of Hamas arrived urgently in Saudi Arabia. The delegation was composed by three people, between the Khaled Meshaal and Moussa Abu Marzouk. Hamas delegation met with important officials of the Kingdom: probably Riyadh is worried that, after the nuclear deal, the relations between the Palestinian terrorist organization and the Iranian regime will improve. This, especially considering the flow of money that will arrive in Iranian pockets after the sanction’s lifting.

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