Iranian teachers protested in front of the Parliament: 200 arrested (Photos)

Source: Democracy And Freedom For Iran – دمكراسي و آزادي براي ايران‎ , Freedom Messenger – Ghasedane Azadi

Yesterday the Iranian teachers gathered in front of the Parliament (Majlis), to protest their inadequate living conditions, to demand the respect of human rights and the release of their colleagues, arrested in previous demonstrations (in February and in May). Hundreds of teachers – between them a lot of women – arrived in Tehran from all the country, and demonstrated in front of the Parliament. The security forces decided to close the Baharestan Metro Station. Despite the fact that the participants did not use violence, the police repressed the protest and arrested around 200 people. Between the people arrested there was also Hashem Khastar, speaker of the teachers’ union of Khorasan. In the Iranian jail there are already other important trade unionists like Esmael Abdi – head of the Teachers’ Union – Rasoul Bodaqi, Mahmoud Baqeri, Alireza Hashemi and Ali-Akbar Baghani. Below some photos of Tehran’s protest.




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