US Administration in confusion on how Iran will use the money of the sanctions lifting…

Source:,, BBC

The destiny of the important amount of money that Iranian regime will obtain from the sanction lifting, is becoming a big question mark. Questioned about this issue by the media, also the representative of the US Administration, gave different – and contradictory – answers. The first answer arrived from Ambassador Susan Rice, National Security Advisor of President Obama. In an interview with CNN, Ambassador Rice admitted that “Iran might use some of their $150 billion for terrorism”. On the other side, US Secretary John Kerry contradicted Ambassador Rice, saying that Iran could not use the money to finance terrorism because there’s a UN resolution that specifically applies to them not being allowed to transfer to Hezbollah. They are specifically not allowed under another UN resolution to transfer to the Shi’a militia in Iraq”. But, in an interview with BBC, President Obama contradicted the words of his Secretary of State, admitting that “Does the IRGC [Revolutionary Guard] or the Quds Force have more resources? Probably, as the economy in Iran improves…

So…who is saying the truth?





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