Iranian woman writes to Mogherini: “Show sensitivity! You can oppose the mandatory hijab”

Source: My Stealthy Freedom

Below the text of the letter sent by an Iranian woman from Shiraz to EU representative Federica Mogherini, after her visit in Tehran. Mogherini arrive in Iran, with a long veil on her hair. In reaction, the Iranian women launched the so called #HijabDeal campaign. The letter was published on the Facebook page “My Stealthy Freedom”.

Dear Madam Mogherini I am sending you one of my stealthily-taken photos. It was taken stealthily because appearing like this in public in Iran can easily lead to my arrest by the Morality Police. You, as someone who became obliged to wear a headscarf the moment you landed in Iran, must undoubtedly know that in Iran removing your headscarf in public is considered to be illegal. Yet, it is noteworthy to highlight that the country that you are currently negotiating with, Iran, does not have a single article (out of 177 in its constitution) that stipulates that women should wear the hijab. Even worse, when our rulers decided to make the hijab compulsory, not a single referendum was held in this regard; hence, our opinion was not even consulted.

Dear Madam Mogherini, even in a place like Saudi Arabia, long considered to be the cradle of the hijab, you appeared without wearing one whereas you had to put one on during your visit in Iran. You must perhaps have had your share of finding out how wearing the compulsory veil feels, however short-lasting that was. By the same token, you must have also realized that the right to choose one’s dress, one of the most basic rights of individuals in free-wheeling democracies of the world, is something that we are devoid of here in Iran; our dress is simply under the monopoly of the government, which decides what we can wear and what we cannot.

Now that you have displayed initiative to negotiate with Iran for the sake of world peace, please show the same sensitivity towards the rights of Iranian women. Please ask the government of Iran to recognize our rights and to reach a deal with us as well. We are not asking you to defend our rights; we are simply asking you to become our voice and to join our campaign. Freedom should matter more than nuclear energy.

If you want, you can also oppose the mandatory hijab, not necessarily for yourself, but also on behalf of millions of women in Iran who have been deprived of their freedom of choice



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