Are Iran and Russia playing two different games in Syria? Not sure…

Source: Arabi21, Fars News,

The news agency Fars News – close to the IRGC – revealed the Iranian plan for Syria. The plan is based on the involvement of UN, on an immediate ceasefire, on the creation of national unity Government and on the organization of Presidential election in one year. What is important on this issue, probably, it is not the content of the plan, but it’s the fact that Iran has shared the project with Egypt, Qatar, Turkey and members of the Security Council, with the exception of Saudi Arabia. The exclusion of Saudi Arabia it’s very interesting, especially considering the parallel activity that Moscow is bringing ahead.

Sources close to al Manar – Hezbollah’s media – reported that Russia is working with Saudi Arabia in order to organize a visit of Saudi head of intelligence in Damascus by the end of August. More, it seems that Erdogan is sure that Putin has started to change his attitude toward the Syrian regime, and he is ready to “give-up” on Assad. Many authors are sure that, after the Iran nuclear Deal, Tehran will also abandon soon the Syrian dictator. But many forget that the Revolutionary Guard position toward Assad it’s not so flexible. For sure, the Pasdaran will use part of the money that Tehran will obtain from the sanction lifting, to increase the support to the Shia militias in Syria and Iraq (first Hezbollah).

So, it is not sure that the Russia and the Iranian approach toward Saudi Arabia and its involvement in the Syrian conflict is exactly the same. One of the reason of this different attitude, is connected with the Iran nuclear deal: Putin is well aware that Iran is viewed by the Western world as an energetic alternative to Russia and one of the main future partner in the Nato’s plan against Moscow.



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