Iraq: Shia militias paid by Iran are massacring the Palestinian refugees

Source: Islam Today

The Palestinian refugees in Iraq are under an unprecedented attack organized by the pro Iran Shiite militias. The Palestinian researcher Thamer Meshainesh, head of the League for Palestinians in Iraq, denounced that the Shiite militias want to clean the part of Iraq under their control from non-Iraqi Sunnis. Because of this, they have started to attack and arrest many people, between them also members of the Palestinian Community (especially in the capital Baghdad). Mr. Meshainesh denounced that, when arrested, the Palestinian are tortured and forced to confess to being involved in terrorist attacks. It seems that, because of this persecution, many Palestinian were forced to leave the country (19.000 left Iraq, out of 25.000). Tahmer Mashainesh remarked that both the PLO and the International Community have no interest in denouncing the persecution.



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