Khamenei’s representative to Basij: “Western attitude toward the women is savage”

Source: Digarban, Basijpress

Hojatoleslam Toyserkani, Iran Supreme Leader’ representative to the Basij, attacked the Western attitude toward the women. He denounced that the West has betrayed the status of women promoting equality between men and women, while making fun of God and the religious precepts (veil). Hojatoleslam Toyserkani described the Western attitude as “savage” and denounced men’s attitude to abuse of women. Khamenei’s representative invited the Iranian women to remain far from the atheist’s behavior and to respect and study the Islamic code. He added that the Iranian women must be the frontline against the Western conspiracy on Islam. Hojatoleslam Toyserkani invited the women to marry soon, cover themselves and to focus their attention on the education of their sons.



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