IRGC affiliate Newspaper Tabnak: “Bahrain is part of Iran”

Source: Arabi21, Tabnak, BBC

Iran newspaper Tabnak, affiliate to the Revolutionary Guards, published a lengthy report on Bahrain, claiming that the country it’s the fourteen Iranian province. The article remembers that two third of the population in Bahrain is Shiite (the author describes them as “Iranian Shiites”) and denounces that, if today Manama it’s not part of the Islamic Republic, it is only because of the UK’s imposition on late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In 1969, says the author, the Shah accepted to give to the Bahrainis people the possibility to choose alone their future in a popular referendum. Despite the agreement, London act with the rules of Bahrain, to change the reality on the ground. To achieve this goal, many Arabs arrived in the country, in order to modify the demography, increasing the numbers of Sunnis. The article ends repeating that, despite UK and US efforts to demonstrate the contrary, Bahrain remains part of Iran.

It is important to remember that, in 1970, Iran accepted to renounce to the sovereignty of Bahrain, after UN published a survey in which showed that Bahrainis want to remain independent. In 1971, when Bahrain declared the independence, the Iranian Parliament ratified the decision and established diplomatic ties with Manama.



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