Tehran University Professor Sadegh Zibakalam in an open letter to Zarif: “Supporting Assad goes against Iranian interests”

Source: News Gooya, Tablet

Sadegh Zibakalam – Iranian professor of Political Sciences in the University of Tehran – sent an open letter to the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (text in Farsi). Praising the nuclear deal, Zibakalam says that Tehran must change its foreign policy, in order to do not waste the window of opportunity (like happened with Khatami). Zibakalam underlined that, the Iranian foreign policy, it’s based on three main axis: 1- hostility to United States; 2- commitment to the destroying of Israel; 3- support to Shiite minorities. Even if Zibakalam agrees on the general idea to support Shiite communities, he denounces that the Iranian support to Bashar al Assad is harming the national interests. In fact, while Iran speaks about Muslim solidarity, the intervention in favor of the Syrian regime is creating a rift between Iran and the Muslim world. Zibakalam remembers to Zarif that Assad is no different from Gheddafi, Saddam, Mubarak and the Saudi rulers. More, he underlined that no one can deny the oppression of the Palestinian people by the Syrian regime.  Sadegh Zibakalam ends his letter, hoping that Zarif will change the Iranian foreign policy, using realistic visions and ending the propaganda’s habit to blame always the “others”.

Sadegh Zibakalam is well known in Iran (and abroad) for his critics against the Iranian foreign policy. The regime also opened a file against him after he questioned the Iranian rhetoric against Israel. Debating with the conservative journalist Seyed Yasser Jebraily, Professor Zibakalam says: “Who gave the Islamic Republic of Iran the duty of destroying Israel? he asked sarcastically to the audience’s thunderous applause. Did the Iranian people have a referendum and say they want to destroy Israel? Did the parliament pass a law saying that we should destroy Israel?”.



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