Head of Iran Basij Militia Brig. Gen. Reza Naghdi: “We will be in Jerusalem before 2025”

Source: Mashreg News, Iran News Round Up

In a TV interview the head of the Basij Militia, IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naghdi, reiterated the Iranian support to the resistance against United States “from Palestine to Yemen“. More: remarking that after the nuclear deal the Iranian revolution will not change its direction, Naghdi promised that “we will be in Jerusalem before the year 2025. Speaking about Saudi Arabia, the Basij commander said that, before cooperation with Iran, the al Saud must regret their behavior. About the Iranian involvement in the region, Naghdi underlined that Iranian advisors arrived in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq after the explicit request of Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad. At the end of his interview, Naghdi criticized the last actions of Turkey in Syria, described them as a “strategic blunder“.

Recently the Iranian regime diffused a video on how the Shiite jihadists intend to destroy Israel (Video).



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