The diplomatic crisis between Kuwait and Iran goes deeper

Source: Al-Jazeera, Kuwait Foreign Ministry, @ShiaPulse

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry expressed its regret to the statement published by the Iranian Embassy in Kuwait City. The Iranian embassy, few hours before, published an official statement in which has denied any involvement in the case of the terror cell, arrested by Kuwait’s authority and accused of plotting attacks and spying in Gulf. The cell was composed by twenty-five Kuwaitis and one Iranian. The Kuwaiti Prosecutor, said that the goal of the cell was to create chaos in order to “undermine the unity and territorial integrity” of the country. After the arrested of the pro-Iranian cell, the Kuwaiti politician Hamad al-Harashani described Iran as the “true enemy” of Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab states and said it was “seeking to spread chaos” in the region.



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